Feline Declaw Surgical FormSeymour, IN

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Feline Declaw Surgical Form

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Feline Declaw Surgical Form
What’s included in a feline declaw surgery:
  • Pain management medication
  • Declaw surgery performed with the surgical laser
  • Injectable anesthesia
  • Surgical anesthesia and post-operative monitoring
  • A bag of specialized kitty litter, designed to be gentle on the paws.

Your cat’s declaw surgery can either be performed on the front two paws or all four paws:

COST: $195.00

COST: $275.00

COST: $265.00

COST: $385.00

COST $235.00

COST $340.00

COST $47.00

About the Surgical Laser...

Our feline declaw surgeries are now being performed with a laser. The same tool that is used in human medicine has been adapted for use on cats. We have always made great efforts to lessen the discomfort to pets undergoing surgery. Thanks to new technologies we are always improving. The surgical laser technology improves patient medicine by:

  • Seals nerve endings. The surgical laser uses highly concentrated light rays to cut the tissues, which seals the nerve endings so there is very little pain after surgery.
  • Seals blood and lymph vessels. As the surgical laser is making the incision, the concentrated light rays seal these vessels, eliminating much of the trauma associated with standard techniques and lessens then need for bandages after surgery.
  • More precise. All of the qualities above allow the surgeon the preform the surgical procedure with greater precision and accuracy.

I consent to the above feline declaw surgery.